Twelve Values program in the village of Pedawa

July 2015 – June 2016

We are amazed to see the results of the Twelve Values program in the village of Pedawa over the past year.  These are the 12 lessons we shared:

  1. I am Proud to be Me

  2. No Suspicion No Prejudice

  3. Different Cultures, But Still Friends

  4. Different Faith Doesn’t Mean We’re Enemies

  5. Male And Female are Both People

  6. Rich, Not Arrogant; Poor, Not Ashamed

  7. Gentleman Aren’t in Gangs

  8. Differences are Beautiful

  9. Conflict Makes Us More Mature

  10. Use Your Brain, Not Your Muscles

  11. Don’t Be Ashamed to Admit You’re Wrong

  12. Don’t Be Stingy With Forgiveness.

The children were enthusiastic in participating in the 12 Values program along with English lessons.  Over the course of the year, we were also able to visit the children’s homes and talk with their parents about the Twelve Values program. It was a great time to get feedback from the parents on what their children were learning and hear how the students were sharing and applying what they’ve learned at home. For example, with the first lesson, “I am Proud to be Me”, the children learned to always thank God for everything He had given them and how He has made them and gifted them.  Additionally, we were very proud of the children’s performance at their school, as there were several who ranked in the top ten of their class. It was such a joy to see their achievements and to see the fruit of our efforts to help these children with their education.