Insakan Water Project

In April 2019, Access Life Bali began a water project in the village of Insakan, Pedawa, Buleleng.  The nearest water source to this village is not very strong, which has led to a great lack of water, especially during the dry season. As a result, water was scarce. Out of necessity, the village initiated a rationing system distributing water every 3 days.  Even though this provided water evenly throughout the village, the rations were insufficient. People often ran out of water before their next ration was available.  We built four tanks to collect and store water. This project now gives 300 people reliable access to water!

For this project, we collaborated with Australian Direct Aid Program and the residents of Insakan.

Encouraging Yunita!


Yunita’s leg was severely injured during an earthquake at the end of 2018.  Her injury became infected.  She and her physicians decided they needed to amputate her leg below the knee.  She was later given a prosthetic, but she was not confident about using it.  Access Life staff had been assisting through this process with Yunita. 

In April 2019 we met with Yunita and her family and encouraged her to try the prosthetic.  With the help of her husband, Yunita walked using two crutches!  Then we challenged her to try it with one crutch.  No problem!  Then we provided a cane.  She was able to walk with this too!

Helping Nora

Nora is 22 years old and lives in a traditional Balinese compound with her parents, younger brother, grandparents as well as 3 of her uncles and their families. Nora graduated from high school and worked at a little restaurant for about 3 years to help pay for her younger brother’s school fees.  However, in August 2017, she had stroke like symptoms due to an ateriovenous malformation that hemorrhaged and was taken to the hospital.  She spent 5 weeks in the hospital before going home and now has right sided paralysis. Nora continues to go weekly for physical therapy at the local hospital, even though this is not easy for the family due to financial costs and the time involved.  This whole ordeal has been a financial burden for the family as her father is a construction worker, usually building homes, and her mother works in the rice fields.   But they have been very supportive of Nora’s recovery and resourceful to find ways for her to get the treatment she needs, including selling Nora’s motorbike to help pay for hospital fees.

When we met her in January 2018, she could walk a little bit, but had decreased strength, coordination, difficulty in speaking, and memory loss.  We gave her a wheelchair to improve her mobility and safety around her house.  This was especially needed since the portion of her skull the doctors had to remove has not been replaced yet, putting her at a high risk for further brain injury if she was to fall since she does not wear a helmet.

Nora is making good progress and we continue to visit her to progress her exercise program and encourage her to use her right hand for all her daily tasks.


A New Wheelchair!

Pak Gunawan is 36 years old and was born without any complications, however, as he got older, he got progressively weaker.  He could still walk using a cane until he was about 15 years old and then he had to start using a wheelchair.  Now, he lives with his parents, his wife, and his son.  He is able to work at a little store near his house where he sells postcards, souvenirs, and drinks at a nearby tourist attraction. Since he lives in a very mountainous area of Bali, his father pushes Pak Gunawan to the store.  However, he is grateful for the wheelchair since it allows him to get out of his house, work to provide for his family, and be more involved in community events.