imagine not having access to the simple BUT NECESSARY THINGS in life.


We often take for granted our ability to walk out our door each day and access our community, our work, or our basic needs in life. Disabled people throughout the world are often most neglected and least able to afford equipment that would allow them access to functional life again.

Throughout our world there is also a desperate need for access to clean water. Whether it’s to take a drink or wash our hands, the reality of access to clean water is changing the world.

With your help we can provide access to even more people.

Working wisely with our resources, ALI has made a great different in the quality of life and prevention of disease among some of the most beautiful cultures and peoples in the world who live in South East Asia. All people have value and our aim is to provide hope to those in need and care to those on the brink of danger.


What if You could do one thing that provided HOPE and CARE to many.


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Since 2009, Access Life International has been dedicated to providing hope and care to people with disabilities and to providing clean water to villages and communities throughout Southeast Asia.



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